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It Looks Good On Paper

Jimmy Has Fancy Plans... And Pants To Match!

Jimmy Ether
Recording engineer and producer. Runs Headphone Treats label. President at The Websuasion Group and Capocus! Studios. Too many hats wearer (who never wears actual hats). Plays loud rock to Nixon lyrics in Victory Hands. Dabbles in underground hip hop.

I post friends-only. Comment on my top entry to be added.
aimee mann, alex chilton, alias, almost famous, ampex, analog, angel, apache, apples in stereo, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, badfinger, bernie taupin, beulah, big star, bikeride, billie holiday, bing crosby, bob dylan, bob pollard, bob weston, brian eno, brian wilson, bryce goggin, buffy the vampire slayer, built to spill, camper van beethoven, cary grant, cheap trick, christopher guest, chuck taylors, clerks, college radio, crosby stills nash, daffy duck, daryl hall, dean martin, diy, donovan, dvd-audio, elephant 6, ella fitzgerald, elliott smith, elo, elvis costello, fiona apple, firefly, firehose, fugazi, gardening, geoff emerick, george harrison, george martin, gilmore girls, grifters, groucho marx, guided by voices, hall and oates, hank williams, headphone treats, high fidelity, home recording, indie pop, indie rock, jeff tweedy, jellyfish, jim o'rourke, joe jackson, john coltrane, john cusack, john lennon, johnny cash, jon brion, jon stewart, joss whedon, kde, kids in the hall, kinks, led zeppelin, linux, looney toons, lord of the rings, lost, macintosh, mastering, minutemen, mixing, monty python, motown, mysql, neil diamond, neil young, neutral milk hotel, new pornographers, nigel godrich, osx, patsy cline, paul mccartney, paul newman, paul westerberg, pavement, pet sounds, peter gabriel, phil spector, php, pinback, protools, ray davies, record promotion, recording, rob crow, robert fripp, robert pollard, sacd, sebadoh, sloan, smile, spinal tap, spoon, stax, steve albini, t-rex, terry gilliam, the aloha state, the beach boys, the beatles, the cars, the clash, the coen brothers, the daily show, the ether family presents..., the flaming lips, the kinks, the new pornographers, the pixies, the pretty things, the replacements, the velvet underground, the zombies, tin whiskers, todd rundgren, van dyke parks, veronica mars, vintage audio gear, vinyl, web design, weezer, wilco, willie nelson, wonderfalls