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What the hell.

I was invited to a group on Facebook which talks about the glory days of LJ, and a few folks seem to be trying to revive their journals as a result. I tried doing so a couple of years back, but the place seemed like such a ghost town (and zone of Russian spam) that I stopped seeing the value in it. After all, if I want to post stuff for nobody to read, and can just use a public blog. :)

But let's try this again and see if maybe I get to meet a new group of folks who are as dissatisfied as I with the 140 character status update. Since this effort is to get to know some people I missed out on the first go-round with LJ, here's a little about me and what I'll likely yammer on about:

I'm an audio recording and mastering engineer of 20 or so years, run a little record label and studio called Headphone Treats, I write songs and play in a number of bands and projects. Everything from vocals, guitar, bass, drums, saxophone and a little keys... and a fairly wide range of eclectic musical tastes.

There not being much money in music, I'm also a web developer (working mostly in Ruby, JavaScript and Clojure) and have fairly extensive experience in everything from linux server admin to front end design. I do all this through my own small development firm called Websuasion, and have been doing a code mentoring program for the last year as well.

I also dabble in filmmaking through Capocus! Films. Mostly music related documentaries, performance videos, music videos and behind the scenes recording session stuff so far, but I've done some boring-but-paid corporate stuff as well. Ultimately, I'd like to do a feature film of my own.

I roast my own coffee, I'm a huge fan of vinyl albums, a lossless audio advocate, love Scotch and dabble at gardening. Happily married with a pre-teen daughter and a cat.

All my entries will be friends only, so please comment if you want added.
Jimmy Minutemen EGC Vinyl

Wreck Of The Big Ragoo

In 1996, The Big Ragoo was formed as a side project of three members of Atlanta post-punk band Monkey Boy. Jimmy Ether (hey, that's me!), Ken Whitener and Shawn Christopher -- all prolific songwriters -- would rotate instruments with the principal songwriter playing guitar. Lyrics were written communally based on what each member thought the others were singing, resulting in both interesting motifs and complete absurdity. Musically, the trio pulled heavily from the influence of Trumans Water, fIREHOSE, Soul-Junk, Sebadoh and Archers of Loaf.

This set of 13 songs was recorded one weekend in August of 1996. The music was tracked live to two-track in a wonderfully large room reminiscent of The Pixies Surfa Rosa recordings. The music was then dubbed to 4-track cassette and vocals were overdubbed as a group live to the remaining two tracks.

The Big Ragoo disbanded shortly after the making of this album. In 2010, Jimmy Ether synced the overdubbed vocals to the original two-track master, remixed, remastered and reissued the release on the Headphone Treats imprint. The Big Ragoo have plans to reform... more than 14 years later.

In fact... your purchase of this record (just $5 for 13 songs!) goes directly toward a plane ticket to fly Ken down from New York to make said "new record". We appreciate the purchase!

If you are interested in this release for blog review or airplay, give me a shout.
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I played a little songwriters night at the local Atlanta Brewing Company on November 11th, 2009. After the show, I came back to Headphone Treats, still quite tipsy from the ABC Porter and Blond, to record audio and video of the same set.

The audio has been released as an EP called "Five Naked Notes". Go to http://jimmyether.bandcamp.com to download the high res audio (up to lossless) for whatever you want to pay. Even Free.

I'm planning on doing more of these quickie, sparingly orchestrated EPs pretty often. I write a lot of songs, and they just kinda sit around doing nothing while they wait for full production album sessions and whatnot. Which can be years. And that sorta sucks. So your feedback would be awesome. Let me know if the vocal/acoustic versions are cool or boring. Feedback is cool.

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Think the genius construction crew across the street cut our phone/DSL. iPhone only access sux. Better than nothing I guess. *withdrawals*